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Big Rock Excursions is based in Mount Vernon, Washington.

It is our desire to encourage, enable and motivate others to really take notice of the spectacular land all around us.  Often times, people become so preoccupied with their day-to-day life that they forget to stop and smell the roses.

We enjoy escaping from the 'concrete jungle' to visit a remote lake, wander through beautiful forests, climb a mountain or simply picnic in a meadow.  A simple escape doesn't need to be phsically challenging, dangerous or extreme... it just simply needs to be memorable.

Leave No Trace is a theme we dilligently follow.  The importance of leaving a visited area undisturbed is critical to making sure future generations can enjoy the same grandeur the we have available.  Others who share our passion for hiking are wary of bringing 'the masses' out into the forest or wilderness for fear that it will be abused, degraded and not respected.  Additionally, many people choose to hike because they enjoy the solitude of getting away.  It isn't our intent to throw any of these systems out of balance and we hope you share our respect, courtesy and Leave No Trace principles when you do venture out beyond the highways and byways.

We hope you enjoy our website, our pictures. and we hope you visit some of the links we've set up.  You'll quickly discover (or rediscover) the wide array of adventures that await you.  Rest assured that we'd be glad to help you maximize your time here in the Pacific Northwest.

Please check back periodically find out more about Big Rock Excursions!

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Please understand that this site is always in the development stage - but feel free to contact us at the above email address with questions, thoughts or suggestions!

Be sure to check back in the future to find out more about Big Rock Excursions!

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