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Welcome to Big Rock Excursions!

We're here to provide an alternative to your typical tourist attractions for western Washington.  If you are looking for an adventure that is more than simply "Went there, took the picture & bought the shirt", then Big Rock Excursions must be what you're looking for!

Whether you are just looking for a change of pace, a change of scenery, a destination recommendation or a spectacular adventure, feel free to contact us!  We'll take any opportunity to enjoy a day on the trail or in the mountains.

Our Excursions typically consist of destinations that are easily accomplished within a single day that provide with a wonderful journey that you will remember for years to come - regardless of your age or your skills.

Listed below are a few of our favorite Excursion destinations.  Most of our expeditions can be customized to fit many individual or group needs.  More detailed trip reports (and photos) are available via links on our Trip Reports page.


Big Rock Excursion - Ice Caves 

The whole family will enjoy this scenic trek over a river and through the woods directly to the base of a towering mountain!

The well maintained trail and minimal elevation gain makes this outing suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

**As of November 2006 the bridge providing safe access over the river was destroyed by a major storm, making access to the ice caves much more difficult.  A timeline for replacing the bridge has not been finalized yet.**


Big Rock Excursion - Lake Twenty Two

Enjoy this trek through beautiful forests and meadows to reach a lake surrounded by towering Mountains!

Great opportunities for scenic waterfall, lake and landscape pictures while hiking this well maintained trail in the Cascade Foothills.

This adventure is well suited for beginning hikers of all ages and will be fondly remembered by everyone.


Big Rock Excursion - Old Robe Canyon

You'll find this trail full of interesting sights and sounds as you descend into a narrow canyon to meander along this river toward the site of a former mining town.

The majority of this trail is well maintained although there are short portions with moderate elevation changes and trail obstacles. 

A perfect trip destination for those with limited time but also a sense of adventure and an appreciation of history.


Big Rock Excursion - Sauk Mountain

Never climbed a mountain before?  Here is the perfect opportunity to visit the site of a former fire lookout on top of this summit.

This trail switchbacks through a meadow allowing you to keep tabs on your progress:  watch as the summit gets closer with each corner, and the views continue to improve.

This trip is perfect for all ages with the desire and determination to sit on top of a mountain!  No technical skills are required.


Big Rock Excursion - Scott Paul Trail

Experience the thrill of hiking on the flanks of a local volcano!  This spectacular trail offers the best of everything:  forests, meadows, creek crossings, suspension bridges and the opportunity to get up close and personal with the snout of a glacier!

Simply our favorite!


Big Rock Excursion - Ross Lake Adventure

Ready to go all-out?  This trek is only for those looking to invest time and sweat to visit a remote peak deep in the Cascade Mountains. 

The Trailhead is reached after a scenic 45 minute boat ride.  On the trail, you'll ascend about 4,500 feet in 4.5 miles to reach the Fire Lookout still in place at the summit.  Whew!

If you're going through the effort to reach this special place, make it all that much more memorable by overnighting on a deserted island before returning to the real world.


A few excursion pics are at Webshots, but the real excitement can be found while browsing our more than 60 trip reports, all of which include a variety of photos and insights from other local hikers via

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