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Expectations & General Policies

Partner Expectations (what we think our partners would reasonably expect)

  • We believe that our partners expect to walk away with an experience that will be memorable at a reasonable cost.
  • We also believe that our partners want to feel safe and secure and at ease at all times.

Big Rock Excursion Expectations

  • We expect that our partners are interested in being outdoors, hiking on trails and enjoying similar environments.
  • We recognize that different people have different degrees of physical stamina and we expect that each group will work with us in determining the best destination based on their abilities.
  • We believe in Safety and following conservative practices while on the trail to preserve the environment for others.  Outdoor hiking does have risks associated with it which are not within our control.  Be sure to review our Legal Notices and disclaimer page for details.
  • Groups stay together.  Unless otherwise noted, each excursion will have one guide... so if there is a problem or a complication necessitating an early return, then the entire group will do so.  If you perceive your group to have two distinct skill levels, we suggest you request two different groups.  As mentioned above, outdoor hiking does have risks associated with it which are not within our control.  Be sure to review our Legal Notices and disclaimer page for details.

Partner Responsibilities

  • Respect your Guide and your Guide's decisions.  Make safe choices and follow appropriate outdoor practices.  Do not leave the trail.  Do not feed, entice, chase or antaganize animals or wildlife.
  • If you are having difficulties on the trail, notify your guide immediately.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We want you to be completely satisfied with our service.  Please notify us if your expedition did not meet your standards or expectations.  We deal with such issues on a case-by-case basis as they occur (at least that's our plan... no complaints yet).

Weather Policy

  • This is Washington State... and mountainous terrain.  Weather here is often unpredictable... weather reports cannot always be relied upon.  Bring clothes suitable for wet conditions, dry conditions, windy conditions, warm conditions and cold conditions.  Simply having these available at the trailhead will allow you to pick and choose the appropraite attire for the conditions.
  • Do we hike in the rain?  Of course... within reason.  While gray skies may last for days, heavy rain usually dissapates after a short while.
  • We will not hike in severe weather conditions which may pose safety concerns.

Privacy Policy

  • Any information we collect about  your group will only be used for internal purposes or for Big Rock Excursion advertising/mailing purposes.  We will not release any personal or private information to any other person or company, unless required by a governmental organization or other regulatory agency.
  • We will seek written permission from individuals if we would like to post a photo of you on our website for promotional purposes.  You can review more than 60 trip reports and photos via our Trip Reports page, available here.